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It serves as the venue for interaction, cross-domain matchmaking, exhibition and marketing for Taiwanese creative comics. Taiwan Comic Base will plan exhibitions irregularly, in order to make the public more properly understand Taiwan Comics, and arrange comic artists a space to produce works. In addition, it will set up cross-domain comics matchmaking meeting, and workshops in order to provide an environment for Taiwan comic artists to produce works and enhance their abilities and productivity, all of which will boost the development of Taiwan comics industry. First Floor: Taiwan original comics shop, information desk, handicapped toilet, and nursery room. Second Floor: A lobby area with multi-functions for comics exhibitions, new book launches, and celebrity lectures. Third Floor: A space for comics exhibitions, press conferences and other activities. Fourth Floor: Not open for the public, only for comic artists using by application. It is a space for comic artists to produce works and communicate with each other. Rooftop: A salon space for comic artists to rest and develop mutual communication.

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In recent decades, international marriage migration has become an increasingly prominent trend in the East Asian region. Gender and socio-economic class backgrounds play a key role in this type of migration. In general terms, women from lower-income countries in Asia, such as Viet Nam, the Philippines and Indonesia, migrate to marry men from higher-income countries in the region such as the Republic of Korea, Japan, and Chinese Taipei Taiwan — all places where international marriages have increased.

Until a few decades ago, however, marriage migration was virtually non-existent in the region. Japan was the first country to receive brides from South-East Asia in the s, followed by Korea, Taiwan and Singapore.

Netherlands Enterprise Agency; Netherlands Office Taipei; Hague Security Delta market demand from Taiwan (and Japan), technical matchmaking and online.

Dedicated to bringing together game, digital contents and ICT industry, Taipei Game Show TGS has built an effective matchmaking platform in Asia Pacific, allowing global buyers to find products and explore new business opportunities. As one of the most important gaming event in Asia, Taipei Game Show attracts more than 2, global trade visitors and exhibitors from over 30 countries. Taipei Computer Association Tel. Please click here for session details. A Shell-Scheme booth includes partitions and basic furniture table, chairs, showcase stand, power sockets Biz-matching system will open on December 1st.

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F orget the dating apps, a few Taipei temples could replace your Tinder. Yue Lao is said to tie a red string between lovers to represent that they are fated to be together. Without a doubt the most popular and iconic temple in Taipei, Lungshan or Longshan Temple is an ornate complex built by Fujian settlers in the 18th century during the Qing Dynasty.

Split into three sections — the Chinese cupid can be found in the back hall. The custom is to start in the center and go out, then right to left. The temple provides three complimentary joss sticks for visitors on entry to pay their respects; however, other offerings should also be prepared, such as chocolates or fruits.

Food Taipei Matchmaking Event. Enterprise Europe Network Taiwan will host a business brokerage event on June 19th during the Food Taipei trade​.

Sign up for the digital cybersecurity innovation mission to meet and pitch your solutions to potential business partners. This mission is a follow up on earlier activities related to cybersecurity in Taiwan. Various events including an Innovation Mission in , projects and collaborations already took place. We welcome both previous and new participants to join! With the significant and increasing number of cyber-attacks on the public and private sector, the Taiwanese government is pro-actively establishing a striving cybersecurity ecosystem through both regulatory reform and economic incentives.

For more information on the Taiwanese cybersecurity market and opportunities for the Dutch companies, please read the report ‘Research of Cyber Security Industry in Taiwan’.

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The special tickets have become a big draw for singles and their anxious parents. The birthday of the God of Matchmaking, which falls on the fifteenth day of the eighth lunar month, is on September 13 this year. There is a long line at a metro station in Taipei. The crowds are there to buy metro tickets featuring the image of the God of Matchmaking, a deity often portrayed as an old man with a long, white beard.

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WTC Taipei will provide matchmaking services and a platform to all participating WTCs and their member companies to help them find potential cooperation.

Visitors should take advantage of every eating opportunity the city offers. Facts about Taiwan Taiwan is an island near the southeast coast of China. Once you get across, rent a bicycle. Taking pity on the hungry animal, workers fed him and decided to keep him on the site. Is this coincidence or what. Free lunches are another perk, and employees often chat in plain view of Chen in a casual setting replete with travel souvenirs.

You can also use it other temples where Yue Lao resides.

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Vietnamese people in Taiwan form one of the island’s larger communities of foreign residents. Of the roughly 80, Vietnamese workers who resided in Taiwan as of , 60, are employed as domestic helpers , 16, work in factories, 2, in marine-based industries, and the remainder in other lines of work. The Dutch had Pampang and Quinamese slaves on their colony in Taiwan, and in offered rewards to aboriginal allies who would recapture the slaves for them when they ran away.

It added new service – matchmaking event on 12/4/, and there were experts and scholars providing corporate consultation service. Mayor Eric Chu.

Looking for a mate? Facebook Twitter Email. But some Taiwan residents have another method for finding romance besides Tinder — they call on the god of marriage and love. According to Chinese mythology, the Love God, or Yue Lao, is in possession of a “book of marriages,” and can find and bind you to the one you’re meant to be with, with a red string.

But he didn’t believe the Love God and had the girl attacked. But in the future, when he actually met his wife, she had a scar from that same attack. Taking this somewhat gruesome story to heart, many started believing in the Love God — also referred to as “The Matchmaker” or “The Old Man under the Moon” — starting in the Qing Dynasty to , says associate professor Isaac Yue of the University of Hong Kong.


The Matchmaker is the Deity of love and marriage in Chinese mythology. He is holding a marriage appointment book and red threads. It is said that everyone has an invisible red thread on his wrist. The Matchmaker is the deity who helps you search for whomever is on the other end of the thread. In , an elderly lady wanted to thank the City God for granting her the wishes. She donated a statue of the Matchmaker to the temple, wishing the deity would help those people who want to get married soon.

Taiwan just isn’t as open of a taiwan matchmaking show culture sexually as and you find the lasses from Taipei interesting enough apps want to date one, well.

The 12th CXMEE continued to receive extensive attention from overseas business groups and industry professionals,who took an active part in the events. With the concerted efforts of machinery and electronic industries across the Taiwan Straits,the 12th CMXEE saw a significant improve in overall standard and scale,richer functions,greater specialization,and more significant results. It exhibited the following four major characteristics:.

CXMEE has become a vital platform for cross-straits cooperation and concerted efforts in jointly tapping the global machinery and electronics market. Following 12 years of cultivation and growth,CXMEE’s exhibition scale has been expanding steadily and its standard rising constantly,cementing its position as a first-class machinery and electronics exhibition in Asia. The 12th CXMEE attracted a total of enterprises from across the Taiwan Straits,which set up booths,with a total exhibition area of square meters,the highest number on record.

They drew 74 related enterprises and showcased the state-of-the-art products and technologies. The tremendous results have demonstrated that CXMEE has started to show a siphon effect and emerged as an essential platform for both sides of the Taiwan Strait to tap into the global market. Mainland,Taiwan and world brands have formed a tripartite complex at this year’s exhibition. Machinery continued to be the single largest category of exhibits,taking up more than booths.

Instruments,industrial control,moulds,and energy efficient lighting products were also showcased on a significant scale. A large number of cutting-edge technologies were displayed as well,including the state-of-the-art ECH20 Cleaning Technology,developed by Ruishi Enterprise. As of noon of April 11,the 12th CXMEE has attracted 27, professional visitors from 39 countries and territories,including 4, overseas visitors.

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